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Partner 9 - Alcatel-CIT
Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises for delivery of voice, data and video applications.
Alcatel brings its leading position in fixed and mobile broadband networks as well as applications and services, to help its partners and customers build a user-centric broadband world. With sales of 12.5 billion Euros in 2003, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries.
13% of Alcatel’s sales are dedicated to R&D.

Alcatel is the optical networking worldwide leader. Its optical solution portfolio answers all the transmission needs: access, metro, terrestrial and submarine networks.
Several world records and achievements in WDM amplifiers, Raman amplification, 40 Gbit/s DWDM transmission and 160Gbit/ field trials confirm Alcatel’s leading research expertise in optical transmission technologies.

Alcatel R&I works to enhance Alcatel's existing portfolio, while at the same time it looks for disruptive concepts that will serve as the building blocks for the products and services of the future.
This involves a balance between pragmatic short-term initiatives tied to relevant market issues and innovative long-term programs based on new concepts.
Alcatel R&I also participates in global initiatives in basic science and technology on a national and worldwide basis, in connection with universities, research institutions and advanced technology providers.
In addition, Alcatel R&I participates to numerous standardization bodies.

More specifically, Alcatel R&I has a research program on Optical Transmission Systems. The goal is to investigate the next generation optical transmission systems for long-haul terrestrial and sub-marine applications as well as for high-speed metro applications.
This project includes work on the next generation of optical amplifiers, key elements to support future high capacity/low-cost/ backbone and metro networks.
Activities in WWW.BRIGHT-EU

Alcatel will specify and assess the sources developed by the project for the Telecommunication applications. The goal is to benefit from high brightness, reliable, low cost pump sources for fibre lasers (used to pump Raman amplifiers) and high power Er amplifiers.
A first task is dedicated to the specifications of the sources provided by the project in order to be compatible with the Telecommunication applications.
In a second task, a model will be developed to design the fibre lasers used to pump Raman amplifiers. Data measurements on fibres and validation of the models are planned as well.
In a last task, the sources provided by the project will be assembled and tested as pumps of the fibre lasers.
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