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- Modelling of High-Power and High-Brightness Laser Diodes
Author: S. Sujecki and E. Larkins
Edition: 14/10/2005
- Laser Diodes with External Feedback
Author: P.M. Petersen
Edition: 30/06/2005
- Laser diodes with phase conjugate feedback
Author: P.M. Petersen
Edition: 30/06/2005
- Extended cavity lasers with fixed and dynamic gratings
Author: G. Lucas-Leclin
Edition: 30/06/2005
- Self-organizing laser diode cavities with photorefractive nonlinear crystals
Author: N. Dubreuil
Edition: 30/06/2005
- Wavelength beam combining of diode lasers
Author: B. Thestrup
Edition: 30/06/2005
- Semiconductor Packaging for High Power Diode Lasers
Author: P. Brick
Edition: 04/07/2006
- Laser fabrication technologies
Author: B. Corbett
Edition: 20/02/2006
- Characterization techniques for high brightness laser diodes
Author: I. Esquivias
Edition: 01/08/2006
- Reliability investigations Lifetime measurements and degradation mechanisms
Author: B. Sumpf
Edition: 01/08/2006
- Analytical work for understanding gradual degradation mechanisms: Strain measurement
Author: J.W. Tomm
Edition: 01/08/2006
Bright Workshop at Cambridge in June 2006

Find all the following presentations shown during the Workshop at

- QDots Lasers - J.P. Reithmaier
- Red emitting broad area lasers and bars for the photodynamic therapy - B. Sumpf
- High-power, high-brightness Al-free active region tapered lasers at 915 nm - N. Michel
- Simulation and design of tapered lasers diodes - J.M.G. Tijero
- Extended-Cavity Tapered Lasers with Volume Bragg Gratings for Second-Harmonic Generation at 405nm - G. Lucas-Leclin
- Pressure and temperature tuning of laser diodes - W. Trzeciakowski
- Tunable Single Frequency Diode Laser Solutions with up to 1W from the UV to the NIR Spectral Region - W. G. Kaenders
- Thermal management and thermal properties of high brightness diode lasers - J.W. Tomm
- The project: Interest for Telecommunication applications- F. Leplingard
- Compact Tunable Diode Laser with Diffraction Limited 1000 mW in Littman/Metcalf configuration for Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy - J. Sacher
- The physical properties of ice with respect to laser light for environmental and industrial applications - F. Wilhelms
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