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Partner 5 - Risø National Laboratory
Risø National Laboratory is a government research institution under Denmark’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Risø’s mission is to create new knowledge based on front-line research and to ensure that this knowledge is used to promote the development of an innovative and sustainable society. Risø’s vision is to create:
- opportunities for energy systems of the future,
- technological possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and
- knowledge-based products and new business enterprises with growth potential
through close interaction with the business sector, the political system and the research community.

Risø possesses competencies within the following areas: the implementation of large projects, design, synthesis and prototypes, analysis techniques and characterisation methods, patenting and licensing, materials and nanotechnology, laser technologies, radioactivity and radiation and biosystems.

Within diagnostics and treatment of diseases, Risø develops technologies that improve diagnosis and medical treatment methods. In particular, Risø develops technologies for the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart diseases, and possesses competencies within biomedical optics, biomedical tracers, and radiation dosimetry.

Risø takes an interdisciplinary approach, and our projects are part of both national and international networks. Training and education as well as innovative activities are naturally integrated with Risø’s research activities, which are carried out concurrently with customer-driven activities.
Activities in WWW.BRIGHT-EU

Risø coordinates the activities within the work package “External cavity approaches to high brightness and tunability”, where the goal is to improve the spectral characteristics and beam quality of high-power diode lasers to yield nearly diffraction-limited tuneable lasers.

As part of the research and development carried out, Risø develops new external laser architectures that significantly improve the temporal coherence properties, wavelength selectivity, wavelength tuning range, and brightness of high-power broadarea diode lasers, tapered lasers and laser bars. One recent example is the successful application of tapered amplifiers with external feedback providing virtually single-frequency operation of diode lasers with several Watts of output power. These laser systems have successfully been frequency-doubled into the blue wavelength region (400 nm).

In WWW.BRIGHT.EU, Risø participates in the activity “Medical laser systems”. Within this activity, one goal is to apply such blue lasers in fluorescence diagnostics of various cancer types. While Risø is capable of producing prototype systems for clinical testing, other partners within this activity are responsible for carrying out the clinical trials.

For further information, please contact: Paul Michael Petersen, Head of Laser Systems and Optical Materials Research Programme,, T +45 4677 4512.
Further information can also be found on the web:, and
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