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Partner 2 - Biolitec
Biolitec AG was founded in 1986, in Bonn, Germany, and today is the world leader in specialty fibre and fibre optic- based products for medical, dental and industrial applications. Based on our roots as a specialty fibre optics manufacturer (as CeramOptec GmbH), we continue to evolve everyday in a concerted effort to realise our vision – to innovate unique medical treatments, methods and products that will have a positive impact on the well-being of people worldwide.
Optical application fibre with cylindrical light diffuser

From the launch of our comprehensive line of advanced diode laser systems in 1996 to the establishment of our own biotechnology centre in Jena, Germany in 2000, biolitec continues to demonstrate its commitment to enhance the research and development of innovative techniques for the advancement of medical science. Of particular importance to biolitec is the study of photosensitizers and their use in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) applications. In addition to introducing products specifically designed for this, we are continually conducting several clinical trials and studies dedicated to the advancement of this exciting field.
Photosensitizer Foscan®

Biolitec is an international corporation with facilities in several countries around the world. As a vertically integrated corporation, we are unique in that we make our own fibre optic preforms and manufacture the most advanced medical lasers on the market. We combine innovation with cost effectiveness to create the highest quality products for our customers.
Medical laser system

In addition, under the CeramOptec brand, we are the leading manufacturer of specialty fibre optics for industrial and scientific applications – setting the highest standards in the industry. For more information visit us at and
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