High Brightness Laser Diode Sources

Workshop Introduction and Welcome (10:30 – 10:35)

10:30 Introduction to WWW.BRIGHTER.EU
Michel Krakowski -Alcatel-Thales III-V Lab

High-Brightness Laser Technology (10:35 – 11:45)

10:35 External cavities for controlling spatial & spectral properties of SC lasers
Jean-Pierre Huignard -Thales Research and Technology

10:45 Reliable high-power red-emitting laser diodes
Bernd Sumpf - Ferdinand Braun Institute

10:55 Wavelength stabilised high-power quantum dot lasers
Hans Peter Reithmaier - University of Kassel

11:05 Quantum dot lasers & new device concepts for high-brightness applications
Dieter Bimberg / Nikolai Ledentsov - Technical University of Berlin

11:25 High-power laser for surgical applications (cutting and ablation)
Ronald Sroka - LFL Munich


Packaging, Micro-Optics and Reliability (12:05 – 12:45)

12:05 Micro-optics and fibre coupling of high-brightness laser bars
Martin Forrer - FISBA Optik

12:15 How to measure packaging-induced strain in high-brightness diode lasers?
Jens Tomm - Max Born Institute

12:25 High-power laser modules and their applications
Jörg Neukum – DILAS


Frequency-Doubled Lasers (14:00 – 14:50)

14:00 Second harmonic generation of external cavity tapered diode lasers
Ole Bjarlin Jensen - Risoe National Laboratory

14:10 High-power Semiconductor VECSELs
Anne Tropper - University of Southampton

14:30 ps applications of diode lasers
Rainer Erdmann – Picoquant


Medical, Telecom and Display Applications (15:10 – 16:30)

15:10 Fluorescence diagnostics in medicine - there is a need for improved light sources
Stefan Andersson-Engels - Lund University

15:20 Diode lasers for photodynamic therapy
Tilmann Trebst - Biolitec

15:30 Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy and molecular imaging as tools for
tumour detection in vivo
Bernd Ebert - Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

15:50 Laser display markets, technologies and requirements
Holger Mönch - Philips Research Laboratories

16:10 Making use of brighter lasers - Optical amplifiers in current and future WDM systems
Jörg Peter Elbers - Ericsson
M. Krakowski
H.P. Reithmaier
R. Sroka
J.W. Tomm
O. Bjarlin Jensen
S. Andersson-Engels
B. Ebert
H. Mönch
T. Trebst
R. Erdmann
A. Tropper
J. Neukum
N. Ledentsov
J.P. Huignard
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