Session 8: "Defects in Devices I"

08:30 Invited: Julien Nagle
Failure prediction of high-power laser bars

09:00 Bernd Sumpf, Ute Zeimer, Karl Häusler, Martin Zorn, Götz Erbert
Reliability and failure mechanisms of 650 nm high-power diode lasers

09:15 Manuel Avella, Matthieu Pommiès, Juan Jiménez, Alonso Martín, Pilar Iñiguez, Myriam Oudart, Julien Nagle
Study of the degradation of AlGaAs-based high-power laser bars: V defects

09:30 Stephen Bull, Jens Tomm, Eric Larkins
Identification of degradation mechanisms in high-power laser bars using by-emitter degradation studies

09:45 Dorota Pierscinska, Kamil Pierscinski, Anna Kozlowska , Maciej Bugajski, Jens W. Tomm
Spatially resolved thermoreflectance analysis of thermal processes in high power laser bars

DRIP 12 Conference

Defects in Devices Session

Wednesday, September 12th, Berlin

supported by the WWW.BRIGHTER.EU project
Session 9: "Defects in Devices II"

10:30 Invited: Martin Kuball, James W. Pomeroy, Andrei Sarua, Gernot J. Riedel, Richard Simms, Hangfeng Ji, Michael J. Uren, Trevor Martin
Micro-Raman Thermography: Temperature, Defects and Time-Resolved Characteristics of Semiconductor Devices

11:00 Marwan Bou Sanayeh, Peter Brick, Bernd Mayer, Martin Müller, Martin Reufer, Wolfgang Schmid, Klaus Streubel, Sandy Schwirzke-Schaaf, Jens W. Tomm, Andreas Danilewsky, Gerd Bacher
Defect investigation and temperature analysis of high-power AlGaInP laser diodes during catastrophic optical damage

11:15 Karl Häusler, Ute Zeimer, Bernd Sumpf, Götz Erbert, Günther Tränkle
Degradation Model Analysis of Laser Diodes

11:30 Martina Baeumler, Joachim Wagner, F Börner, Ulrich Kretzer, Max Scheffer-Czygan, Th Bünger
Spatial variations of carrier and defect concentration in VGF GaAs:Si

11:45 Manuel Avella, Juan Jimenez, Frédéric Pommereau, Jean-Pierre Landesman, Ahmed Rhallabi
Introduction of defects during the dry etching of InP photonic structures : a cathodo-luminescence study

12:00 Lutz Kirste, Manfred Maier, Markus Maier, Joachim Wiegert, Klaus Köhler
SIMS depth profiling of Mg back diffusion in (AlGaIn)N light-emitting diodes

12:15 Maria Luisa Polignano, Isabella Mica, Velia Bontempo, Marcello Mariani, Aurelio Mauri, Giuseppe Pavia, Giancarlo Spoldi
The evolution of the ion implantation damage in device processing
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